TV Series : American Crime Story

American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson – Review

This series is not just a story about whether or not OJ Simpson murdered Nicole brown and Ron Goldman but, it is so much more than that. So many people and families were impacted by OJ’s murder trial. In this series we see the emotional trauma everyone encounters, from the lawyers, to the family and friends of OJ and Nicole.
This story was and is still, so truly relevant, because it bears a connection with everybody. Whether you’re a speaker against domestic violence, you wanted to see a black brother win against the system or were a fan of an American hero, you couldn’t let go of this story. The entire world was watching.

Currently I have watched episode 1-6 of this series and I can tell you now it is damn good. The show is a good reminder that, although things are better now, black people weren’t always treated fairly in the United States. In the first episode we see there is overwhelming evidence that points to OJ Simpson as the killer. It’s almost impossible to prove he isn’t guilty.

However, the story takes an interesting turn when OJ’s defense attorneys, blame the fact he is being accused for murder on race. Now we have to remember that this occurred in the 1990’s and the LAPD were well know to be racist.The justice system was so partial and harsh against the basic African American, that black people saw the OJ Simpson case as a way to stick it to ‘The Man’.

Which explain why, though it seemed bananas that OJ’s defense attorneys implied that the police officers conspired to frame him for the death of his ex wife and the young waiter, Ron Goldman, all because they were racist, America was buying it. I think it’d be interesting to see just how this all plays out for OJ Simpson. If you are a fan of law shows, crime and drama, start watching this now.

Till next time ✌🏽️

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