TV Series : The Originals


Always and Forever?

I’ve been watching this season with quite an interest wondering who exactly would succeed in defeating The oldest baddest vampires that ever lived. This season has been such an emotional ride from reincarnated siblings to loved ones dying. Nothing made me more sad than to see Camille die. Which is why Lucian Castle’s death made me estatic. However, the way they went about it was all wrong. Freya and Elijah should not have taken matters into their own hands like that, which is why Marcel’s anger is justified.

The fact that they didn’t even care that they were hurting a human being just so they could save their family was rather painful to watch. Usually Elijah in his kind, gentle and noble nature would never do such a thing. It seems like something Klaus would do. It looks as if the brothers are switching personalities. And When Elijah killed Marcel I was certain of that. It’s that same cruel instinct that led him to sacrificing Davina in the first place.

Honestly, they cover up these cruel acts telling themselves it’s for the greater good. I just feel like if they had tried or given a little bit more effort they would have found better ways of going about all of these savage decisions. This is why they always have enemies. Stop killing in the name of your family! I mean Davina has been there with them for so long, even if they didn’t even care about her, don’t you at least care about Marcel?

Elijah by the way has just awoken a beast. Marcel took the serum Lucian made. 😆. These guys are in trouble. One would think that there is a logical way out of this but there really isn’t. They succeeded in defeating Lucian with the power they channeled from the ancestors but now that Vincent has severed the ancestors connection to the world of the living it’s all over 😆. By the way this was a well thought out plan by both Marcel and Vincent.

In the beginning I was rooting for The Originals but now I just want to see them pay. How can they think it’s normal to just go about killing people, people that love them. I just feel Marcel would be wise to leave Klaus out of everything, he actually just wants to keep the peace though. With only one episode left, I’m on the edge of my seat wondering if Marcel will have the balls to do what needs to be done
I vote for Elijah dying first!

Episode 22 (SPOILER!)
With the Mikaelson compound overrun by an army of enemies, Klaus must face judgment for centuries of cruelty; an unexpected arrival stuns Marcel; Elijah, Freya and Kol search for a way to save their family.

Who will Marcel meet? 🤔
How and why is Kol joining them to save their family? 🤔
Has he forgiven them? 🤔
The Mikaelsons are in trouble 😆.

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