TV Series : The Flash

A Race For The Multiverse

imageSeason 2 Episode 23

There is a reason why I love The Flash, that’s because it never fails to impress. Everything about this episode just made me happy.

Episode 22 ended with Zoom killing Barry’s father in his childhood home and that’s where episode 23 started.

After Henry Allen’s funeral Zoom showed up at Barry’s doorstep, he said he wanted to give him time to grieve(savage πŸ˜†). He proposed a race to know who really is, ‘The fastest man alive’.

This would be the race of the century.

But it was so much more than that. It was also a race for the multiverse. Harry and Cisco discovered Jay’s real plan. He was going to syphon the energy he and Barry produced when racing to power a machine called the Magnetar(not too sure about the spelling) that would destroy the multiverse and leave only ‘earth one’ as the last standing universe. Again, Jay was 10 steps ahead of them and if Barry had a chance to beat him, he would have to get over his grief and push aside his anger. But did he have it in him?

Unfortunately his friends and family didn’t believe he could do it. They ended up tranq-ing him and locking him up and tried to stop Zoom by themselves. Didn’t work out so good though. They managed to send Jay back to earth 2 but he took Joe along with him. Wally wasn’t having none of it and freed Barry because realistically he was the only that could save Joe.

They got a message across to Zoom through Cisco’s vibing and just like that, the race was back on. All Barry had to do stop Zoom before the Magnetar charged to full and destroy an infinite amount of universes. No pressure.😩

Here is my theory; I feel like Zoom has had this master plan from the time he kidnapped Caitlyn. He told her he was going to start measuring his success by the amount of universes he concurred. He knew that to power that machine that would destroy the multiverse he needed Barry. And obviously Barry would never willingly agree to such, which was why he killed Henry for motivation.
Barry was able to beat Zoom by making a time remnant. Which was what Zoom used to beat him in the beginning of the episode.

Barry also didn’t have to kill him. After he made that time remnant the time wraiths were after him, luckily for him they wanted Jay more than they wanted him.

So Zoom was pretty much dead, they saved the multiverse. What next?

Barry and Iris kissed. I’ve been waiting for them to hook up from Season 1 and they finally kissedπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ. Not a really passionate kiss, but it was something 😁.

Although Barry sort of put their whole romance on hold technically, there’s still a future for them.

I already had a feeling from the way Barry was talking at the end he was about to do something totally foolish and reckless. This nigga traveled back in time and saved his frickin’ mum!
Barry Allen for the love of Christ! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
You just watched a speedster get ripped apart by Time Wraiths and thought this was a good idea, really?
I have no words, zero, zilch.
This would change everything. He saw himself fade away. I mean he had destroyed his present, future and past.
This is definitely a bigger cliff hanger than when the created the singularity.
I can’t wait to see how this affects everything.

till next time ✌🏽️

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