TV Series: The Flash Season 3

It’s DC Comic season guys!
All our favorite superheroes are back and we’re loving it!
The Flash

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If you have been following the beloved CW show you know just what has been happening, but for those of you who haven’t, here’s a brief summary for you;
Season 2 ended with Barry going back in time and saving his mother. Of course this altered the timeline drastically. Barry created an entirely different world where his mum and dad were both alive, Iris and Joe didn’t know who he was and Wally was Central city’s superhero as Kid Flash. He lived like that for quite a while, till he started noticing side effects. He was forgetting his real world and losing his powers. Eventually he had to beg Eobard Thawne to take him back in time, to stop him from well, ‘stopping’ him from killing his motherπŸ™„.

When The Reverse Flash returned him to his original timeline, Barry was hopeful that things would go back to normal, but that was far from the case.
In this timeline, Iris and Joe were not talking; for some reason he could not understand, Cisco’s brother died, he had a new CSI he shared his lab with that apparently hates his guts and the biggest change of all?? Caitlyn has powers! The chilly kind ❄️!
A lot to take in? I know! Another unforeseen problem Barry encountered was the emergence of a new villain…Alchemy. Alchemy was restoring the powers that people in this current timeline had in the other timeline that Barry created when he went back in time to save his mother. Confused?
There are 3 timelines
1st – the original one, where Barry and Iris were finally getting somewhere(but then he had to ruin it!!! 😫)
2nd – The one Barry created when he went back in time to save his mother; a very stupid move (which The Reverse Flash so cleverly called ‘Flashpoint’)
3rd -The current one they are all living in, where everything isn’t quite the same

Alchemy’s intentions aren’t fully clear but most of the people he’s given powers to are either chasing a vendetta or trying to kill The Flash.
On the last episode released (season 3, episode 6) Alchemy tries to reach out to Wally, telling him he can give him back what was stolen from him. This couldn’t have come at a worse time because Wally was already having inferiority issues. When Jessie and Wells came over from earth 2 the entire star labs was surprised to see Wells’ daughter zooming about with lightening speed. Now remember, in season 2 Jesse and Wally were both hit by the particle accelerator. This sudden appearance of powers seemed to leave Wally convinced that his was coming soon. He was even convinced enough to jump in front of a moving car! Unfortunately that did not ‘jump start’ his powers as he had so hoped.

Now back to Alchemy, the whole Flash team was really confused about what he wanted, why he was doing what he was doing or how; we can just say the guy was pretty much a mystery. And his interest in Wally had made them even more curious. Eventually they used Wally as bait to find Alchemy, but he had friends. Someone, someone big and fast was working with him. He called himself Savitar.

We do not know who he is still (though according to comics, he is the god of speed popular called ‘God of speed’), but he seems to be faster than Barry…hmm guess he’s not the fastest man alive.
Wally on the other hand, picked up some weird stone that was calling him and went kaboom! Disappeared into thin air.

This timeline is so soo dramatic…we can’t take these cliffhangers! We really can’t…😩
Okay… So maybe this timeline isn’t so bad. We can officially say that Barry and Iris are a couple! Finally πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ
But it’s not just them that’s getting on the romantic action either, Joe had found him self a lady love of his own..😍
And then, Wally and Jesse kissed….shoot me now
Oh the smell of love in the air! 😁
And Draco Malfoy (Detective Julian Dorm) and his gorgeous blonde hair have been given us happiness for quite a while even though he and Barry are like arch enemies but there seems to be a bromance brewing.

Another timeline alteration, the new Harrison Wells…although he prefers to be called H.R. The Wells from earth 2 suggested they recruit another Wells from another earth seeing as he had to go back to his. But the brain buster is…this Wells isn’t smart! Not at all.

So many timelines, so many worlds, we just hope, Barry knows better now than to go back in time and change history again! I think he needs to learn a thing or two from The Legends of Tomorrow.

Spoiler Alert! Killer Frost is finally manifesting. Here’s a look at next week’s epic episode. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!

The Flash Season 3 Episode 7 ‘Killer Frost’ Trailer

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