A Poem In Honour of Women’s Day

Women’s dayThe archaic tradition that says “Women! Prepare yourselves for a husband!”
 “You are of no use but to bear children, take care of them and to cook and clean”
   “Doing anything other than that would be stepping out of line!”
     “Your place is the kitchen. Your place is the bedroom and no where else but there.”
        “Look pretty but not too pretty or else we’ll call you a whore.”
           “Dress decently but not too decent unless we’ll call you a prude.”
              “Respect men. They are your superiors.”
        Well, we say no more! Take your rigid ghastly ways out of here! We will no longer abide by these.
    We are breaking free of the tyranny of sexism. We are women and we are strong.
         Our beauty, our excellence will be confined no longer! You can tie us to an oven in fear that we will surpass you and try to control us but you can never tie that, that we have within.
          For you can never fully control greatness you see.  We say no more!
   You will not tell us how to live! We make our own rules!
        Get your rigid ghastly ways out of here!
  We will live our lives UNAPOLOGETICALLY and we dare you to try and stop us.
         We will SIZZLE like a flame and you may try to blow us out but all your attempts will only make our fire brighter.
   We are no one’s but our own. No woman is a prize to any man.
         Get that archaic thought out of here! We are not things or possessions you can lock away or keep in a shelf.
        We are a beauty undefined. Get a dog if you’re looking for who will obey orders to sit and look pretty.
       We are certainly more than pretty faces or bodies to keep your bed warm at night. This kind of potential has no real definition.

       This kind of greatness has no real borders. It takes a real man to appreciate it and not be intimidated by so much excellence.

Written by A.

Happy Women’s day!

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