TVD Forever

imageSo The Vampire Diaries is officially over and it’s last episode has everyone emotional. This season had several ups and downs. From sirens, to Cade (the devil), to Kai, to Katherine. The season was definitely not short of it’s villains. But it all led to one fiery end (pun intended).

Katherine, who somehow crawled out of hell, had  planned to burn Mystic Falls to the ground by hell fire. And since she knew neither Matt nor his dad would ring the bell willingly (only someone from their bloodline can), she got Vicky to do it. Remember her? Druggie, in love with Tyler? The one who Damon turned to a vampire? Yeah, Matt’s sister. Vicky was ordered to ring the bell every 5 minutes till the clock stroked 10.
In a matter of minutes, everyone evacuated Mystic Falls and the only people left were Elena (in her sleeping beauty state of course), Damon, Stefan, Katherine, Matt, his dad and Vicky.
Bonnie had a plan to save everyone which worked out in the end.
However, while everyone was running to safety, Damon and Stefan were playing ‘who’s the worst brother’ like they usually do.

Someone had to stay back in mystic falls to ensure Katherine was in hell when bonnie blowed the whole thing well…to hell 🤔.
The annoying thing is that, they wouldn’t even had been in mystic falls to make that choice if it wasn’t for them trying to save Elena in the first place. They should have just left her there to burn!
I’m sick and tired of people making all these sacrifices for Elena! Its stupid! If you haven’t watched the last episode SPOILER ALERT; Stefan died.
Truthfully Stefan didn’t have to die. He could have killed Katherine, dumped her body in the fire then run to the room where Damon was ‘miraculously’ not burnt by fire. His death was totally unnecessary dammit! He and Caroline were supposed to have their happy ending. How dare he do that!
Sigh, at least one good thing that came out of this is that no one is going to be doing anything stupid for Elena anymore. I never used to see why people hated her, but now I totally get it.
Somewhere at the end where people were miraculously seeing dead people (which I do not understand) and they were showing us what a stefan-free world looked like, Klaus sent Caroline a note and some money for her and Alaric’s ‘School for the gifted’ . That sort of makes me happy. If there’s a future for Klaus and Caroline I definitely want to see that happen (I sort of feel Julie Plec orchestrated this whole thing so they could be together. Would explain why she killed off Camille in The Originals’ last season. Everyone loved Camille!). And I for one, want to see Hope meet The gemini twins–when powerful kids meet powerful kids. Come to think of it if Hope enrolls into their school that would be pretty cool. Thankfully The Originals starts next week, so we won’t be without Vampire drama for long.
Till next time.
Toodaloo ✌🏾️

4 thoughts on “TVD Forever

  1. Well that was TVD for you. The part where everyone was uniting showed they had found peace. It wasn’t only Stefan that died. Damon and Helena also died, that’s why they were able to reunite with the dead. Their way of saying they found “peace”. As for the rest of the cast that didn’t “die”, especially Caroline, I guess provisions are being made for them in Originals. I definitely look forward to Klaus and Caroline and hope Alarick finds love.

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