Word of The Week: Grateful




feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received

The ’ember’ months are a always a time to reflect and think back on how the year went and the things we’ve accomplished so far. If you’d ask me how I felt about this year, I would say grateful. I accomplished so much, more than I dreamt of. My life took a complete turn around and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. 2016 was a struggle. I had bad grades, made bad decisions was depressed and so much more. I would like to think I’m not grateful for that but I am because it took all that to make 2017 as amazing as it was.

2017 was amazing! I can’t stress it enough. It was like all of my inhibitions had been let go and I was a new person, a new Yinka. 2016’s Yinka was sad, unsure of herself and had serious self esteem issues. But the 2017, new and improved version, did things differently. Every single moment was magic.

I started to let go of my fears and lived my life unapologetically. It’s all been a beautiful process. I’ve been living my dream and doing what I love. Writing, cooking, starting my natural organic business and it’s been so fun and fulfilling.

I did things that the 2016 Yinka would be too scared to try and it lit this fire in me that I only hope I can carry to 2018.

If it were up to me, I’d live this year a billion times, but hey, that’s not the way time works 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Yes, there were sad days, I lost a loved one, I didn’t lose the weight that I hoped, my summer body started loading then went from 50% to 15% and then back to zero (my weight fluctuated more than the dollar-to-naira rate 😆) and I got one or two bad grades but in the end, the good overcame the bad.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving here’s a list of all I’m thankful for (spot your name if you can 😘)

– I’m thankful for my family (you guys are too many so I can’t start naming one by one )

– I’m thankful for my friends; Tayo, Amaka, Lisa, Timeyin, Bukky, Doyin, Morayo, Blessing and Nife (if you’re name’s not there no vex 😘)

– Most thankful to Oluwajimilehin for basically everything. Thank you for listening when no one did 💕

And a special thanks to Jesus, without whom I would not be here

6 thoughts on “Word of The Week: Grateful

  1. Awwww, I’m so crazy touched 😭. I’m so grateful for you too babe 😘. The sky is definitely not your limit. I cannot emphasize how proud I am of you! 💕

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  2. I mean u should have said all of our names to see if you even remembered them , lmao we are grateful for u too sister. Great write up, keep up the good work.. your time is very near

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