Word of The Week: Sexual Assault

Sexual      Assault

/sɛksjʊəl  əˈsɔːlt/

Definition: Sexual assault is a sexual act in which a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or non-consensual sexual touching of a person.

Hi guys 🖐🏾, and welcome to Word of The Week. This week’s WTW is Sexual Assault (and yes I know that’s two words 🙄).

As a young woman this is a topic that’s very near and dear to my heart. Because even as young as I am I’ve had a lot of experiences where I have been harassed.

Growing up I had issues with my confidence and self esteem and a lot of people took advantage of that.

When you hear assault or rape stories, it’s very easy to ask why didn’t she speak up, she should have done something. But I speak to you from a standpoint of someone who has gone through it; it’s not that simple.

I have been touched inappropriately and harassed several times and I was confused on what to do about it. Should I report? Would they believe me? What would other people think about it? Etc. When it was happening it was like time had frozen and I couldn’t just move. Instead of reporting, I decided keeping quiet and moving forward would be best. Oh, how I wish I didn’t make that choice. Maybe If I had said something I would have encouraged somebody to speak up.

Sometime last week I read this fantastic article (https://t.co/HAbI6yYQ9w) about un-normalizing sexual harassment which I recommend everyone should read. It was like the writer was echoing all of my thoughts!

Chidi Okereke who writes the article, spoke about how sexual harassment is not a ‘woman’s’ problem but a human problem.

In today’s society sexual harassment towards women is the norm. We watch movies and even in real life, where construction workers whistle and catcall as women pass by (read this article to find out why catcalling is a form of sexual harassment YourTango.com) and it’s like it’s all in good fun, when it really isn’t

I am personally of the opinion that both men and women get harassed though male harassment isn’t as profound as a female’s and that to fix this problem we need everybody. There’s male-male assault/harassment as there is female-female assault/harassment. So it’s not just a heterosexual thing. And whether you like it or not sexual assault is not entirely because ‘she dressed inappropriately’.

The number of times I have been assaulted I was well dressed and covered up.

Both men and women need to be educated on sexual assault and harassment. We need each other to stop this.

Readers, if you know someone getting harassed or assaulted, speak up!

If you are the person being assaulted, please speak up! Don’t make the same mistake I did.

And if worst of all, you are the person who is sexually harassing or assaulting someone, please, I beg of you to stop.

Sexual assault is very serious and can ruin a lot of people’s lives, please don’t be the person responsible for another person’s unhappiness

I hope this blog post has taught you something. Thanks for reading 🙏🏾.

Until next time. Toodaloo ✌🏾

5 thoughts on “Word of The Week: Sexual Assault

  1. This post is good especially for people who are being harassed and are too afraid to speak up. As hard as it might seem, please do speak up, it’s your life that really matters.

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