Grown-ish Review: Worth the Watch or Nah?

Grownish is here!! The much anticipated spinoff of Blackish centers around the Johnson’s eldest, Zoey (Yara Shahidi) who is finding herself as she finds her way through college.

Freeform released the first two episodes of the show on on the 3rd of January and then another episode this week.

My first impression of grownish as I watched was ‘wow, these are all pretty people’. (I discussed it with moviesdialogue and she said the same thing! Lol)

I read a lot of reviews online just so I could try and see things from other perspectives and I came across this review from a concerned parent. The lady was outraged that the series had potrayed ‘popping pills’ as normal.


First off, I don’t support drug use but sincerely this is the reality of university/college. I appreciated the rawness of the sitcom when it came to sex and drugs.

There was a realness to the series that I didn’t expect. It felt so genuine. Honestly, I felt like I could relate to Zoey. While I don’t pop aderoll or smoke weed, I could relate to the whole struggle of trying to find yourself in uni.

We make a lot of bad decisions in uni because for a lot of us, this is our first experience being somewhat close to adulthood and the odds are we’re going to make a few mistakes.

Yara shahidi grownish reviewSeeing Zoey pop pills was such a twist. Especially because she is a character that (usually) has it all together. It’s just a testament that sometimes you lose control even when you try hard not to.

Grown-ish, is much different from it’s pg rated originator. While I liked that the series was not sugarcoated, Blackish definitely wins, (so far) in the aspect of humor.

The only thing that worries me is that the series doesn’t have much in terms of a storyline. It just jumps from one thing to another like a reality show. For instance at the end of the episode 2, she was struggling with taking aderoll, I expected the 3rd episode to at least touch on that, but the 3rd episode (the best so far) was about something entirely different.

Grownish cast grownish review
Grownish Cast

Apart from that, I absolutely love it, and I will be watching.

If you’re in to college-y movies or if you’re like me and you’re really just watching to look at Trevor Jackson for 22mins you would definitely love this.

Anyways, I give the series 3.5 out 5.

Next episode will be out next Wednesday. Until there here’s a trailer for episode 4.

Grownish Episode 4 Trailer

9 thoughts on “Grown-ish Review: Worth the Watch or Nah?

  1. We need more series like this. To uncover the ills that are the reality of our lives and to cautiously approach how to be better individuals. Without judgement please 😒. Great job Yinks👏


  2. I definitely agree with the show revealing a more ‘raw’ perspective that other shows tend to miss. Great review. you should come check mine out! #shamelessselfpromo

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