What I Learned Having Natural Hair For One Year

BB66D1DE-7439-4902-9F71-07FCA087BDE4Cutting my hair and going natural was both a planned and spur of the moment kind of thing. Ending of 2016 I realized how damaged my hair was, and I decided I needed a fresh start so, I stopped relaxing my hair for a couple months.
I had planned to cut my hair at a salon but I heard it was expensive and that discouraged me. A couple days later, I watched this Instagram video, where this girl cut her transitioned hair herself and I was like “this is simple. I can do this.” I was so wrong. AC93B9BA-E736-4FB3-B1C6-ADD16826287C

Anyways so I get a pair of scissors and sit in front of the mirror and start cutting.

Ladies and gentlemen, never have I ever regretted a decision so badly. At the end of the day my head looked raggedy. 😩. Some parts were low and some parts were high which was because I couldn’t see the back of my head. Needless to say, it was a disaster 😩.
Which brings me to the first lesson natural hair taught me; ‘If instagram beauty experts are doing it, I can do it too’. No honey, it doesn’t always work like that. If you’re going for the ‘big chop’ don’t cut your hair yourself, PLEASE.
Cutting your hair at a salon is definitely the best option.
Don’t be cheap like Yinka 😩. Get your hair cut by a professional.

Like I wasn’t going through enough with my uneven head, I was now overwhelmed with an overflow of information, suggestions and advice. My family members, who had also gone natural, constantly gave me advice on what to do, not to mention the endless pool of YouTube videos that just left me confused.
One YouTuber would suggest shampooing twice a month while another would say it’s best once a week.


Then my friend Morayo (hey Momo 😘), gave me the best advice about natural hair I ever received ; better don’t kill yourself.
I realized that these people were only giving opinions on what they knew and what worked for them (everyone has different hair textures you know?). Understanding how to take care of your hair is a journey of your own. It’s not something you can copy. It involves a lot of trial and error but it’s worth it. I still watch YouTube videos and read hair care tips online but, my hair routine is now an integrate of things here and there that I have seen work for me rather than doing only what one particular person suggests.

Another thing I learned about natural hair is that hair growth is a process. When I first cut my hair I thought that by the next month my afro was going to come out and I’d looking like Ronke Raji in no time. This was definitely not true.

Ronke Raji
Me checking every other month to see if I’ve gotten to Ronke’s level of hair

Before natural hair my hair growth was slow and having natural hair did not change that. I admit my hair did grow a little faster, which I’ll accredit to lack of damage to my hair but it wasn’t miraculous.
Another mistake I made with the whole ‘growth misconception’, is overwhelming my hair with product. I would literally apply so much oil and cream on my head thinking that the more product I apply the sooner it would grow.
But I soon learned that product usage is not equivalent to hair growth.

Number 4. Everyone’s curl pattern is NOT the same. If you’re like me and knew nothing but relaxed hair all your life, you probably don’t even understand what a curl pattern is. Let me fix that problem for you.

My hair is a mix of different curls but it’s mostly 4C

My expectation when I cut my hair were Yara Shahidi, Jackie Aina kind of curls. I was not expecting this 4C life brothers and sisters.
I quickly learned that my hair wouldn’t make the pretty curls I admired so much on Instagram no matter how much I moisturized or conditioned it.

Expectation vs. Reality

Natural hair scammed me guys 😩.
Lol. But nah, I still wouldn’t trade my hair for anything.

The truth is, natural hair is still a learning experience for me. I’m only a year in but I love it. I neglected my relaxed hair and this journey has just made me more aware about what my hair needs to reach it’s ultimate potential. If you’re thinking of going natural I’d 100% suggest you do it. Not gonna lie it isn’t for everyone but, don’t knock it till you try it.

What are some of the things you guys have learned from having natural hair? Share your stories with me in the comment section 💕.

Once again, thanks for reading. Please come back and read more. 😘

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6 thoughts on “What I Learned Having Natural Hair For One Year

  1. Great post! Lol at “don’t go and kill yourself”. I have learned that it is very important to get to understand my own hair first and that understanding hair porosity really explains enough of how I need to care for my hair

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  2. So I’ve been in this natural train for almost 2 years. I have type 4c hair. My expectations were so high ehn. I literally binged on Chazz Carter’s YouTube videos. I thought my hair was gonna be like hers if I used every tip she used. Lie!!! Like you said, the natural journey is a personal thing. Your hair can’t be likened to anyone’s. Don’t think cause you use the same products as one Youtuber, your hair would miraculously resemble hers. 😂😂😂I learnt the hard way. And believe me, your natural hair responds to how you treat it. I once hated my hair cause I felt like it wasn’t living up to the standards I had set for it. I didn’t embrace what was growing out of my scalp. The negative energy had corrupted my mind and my hair was responding to how I was treating it. The thing just hit me one day to give my hair a chance to show what it could be. Belive me, I’m loving it. I pamper my hair. I won’t make it seem as though it’s Disney land o. The natural hair thing is work. You really have to want it to be successful. Sorry about my long story.🙈

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  3. I’ve been natural for about 2 years now, ‘don’t kill yourself’ sounds about right. my mum and sister are natural because of me. my mum likes it, but for my sister it wasn’t what she was expecting.

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