Glow Challenge 2.0

Hi guys, welcome to my blog. Today’s post is all about the glow challenge.

What is a glow challenge?

The aim of a glow challenge is basically to enhance one’s skin. Now, this is my second time attempting a glow challenge. My first attempt at it I was basically eating a lot of fruits and drinking green tea.

Here are the results for those of you that are curious.

Before vs. After

For this particular challenge I followed (and am still currently following) a skin detox plan I read on @AcneSkinSite’s twitter. It involves 5 basic instructions

1) drink warm lemon water each day

2) reduce sugary foods and drinks

3) up intake of fresh fruits and vegetables

4) limit salty snacks

I like food, a lot. So as you can imagine it’s been difficult. The first five days were a breeze and I quickly saw results.

After that, the weekend came and I got a little carried away with junk food and then all my hard work went to shit 😓. Anyways I’m starting all over again.

My starting point


The challenge was originally supposed to be for 5-7days but  I’ve decided to do it for Month I’ll make another post at the end of the month so as to show overall progress.

Stay posted and thanks for reading 😘.

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