Glow Challenge Results!

Hi guys, if you read my previous post about the glow challenge then you already know all about it (if you haven’t Click this link ). Well, my experiment is finally over and here are the results!

July 19 vs July 30th



From these pictures, you could see that my pimples were fading as well as dark spots. Unfortunately, I can’t say 100% that lemon water had anything to do with it. Since these pictures are two weeks apart it’s very possible for pimples to on its own just go away.

The original time of this detox was five days and honestly, I think five days is enough. When I did it for that time initially, I honestly saw results, but trying to extend it for longer really did nothing.

My face initially after five days of the detox

As you can see in this picture I had no pimples (and I definitely had a whole lot before starting the detox).

My face now

One thing I will say is that drinking lemon water helps me feel fuller which in turn made me eat less.

All in all, if you’re looking for a new skincare detox plan, I think this would be worth the shot. If there’s anything you should take away from this its; don’t do a detox plan longer than the stated timeframe.

Thank you for reading 💕

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