Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes: My Favorite Instagram Thick Girls To Follow

‘Don’t wait to hit your dream weight before you start living!’


I think for a long time, what was considered ‘beautiful’ was confined between the 4 corners of thinness. If she were truly ‘beautiful’, she had to have long legs, a BMI less than 25 and definitely no stretchmarks.

But that’s all changing. We are in a different era. An era where women with more plump body structures are being appreciated and celebrated, stretch marks and all.

At some point I looked at my Instagram and I felt like I was cheating myself. The IG posts I looked at day and night looked nothing like me. Gradually without realizing it, it affected my perception of myself.

I wanted a change, so I did something about it. I found inspirational women who owned their beautiful thick thighs, big arms and belly fat and it truly made me appreciate my body more.  Here are a couple of my favorites 😊.

1. Cece Olisa (@ceceolisa)

CeCe Olisa in a beautiful dress showing off her thick figure Serena Williams amd CeCe Olisa meet up for her pop

Cece is an American-based Nigerian lifestyle blogger, spreading body positivity one Instagram post at a time. Cece co-founded ‘TheCurvyCon’, which is a convention for plus-sized women in America. Her posts will have you feeling better about the skin you’re in.

2. Ashley Graham (@theashleygraham )

The beautiful Ashley Graham sho

Ashley Graham is a plus-size model who has made it easy for thick women everywhere to embrace all of their curves. This beautiful woman owns a swimsuit line targeted at women of all shapes and sizes and the world is better for it.

3. Tabria Majors (@tabriamajors)

Tabria Majors making thick girls proud

Tabria is another plus-size model breaking the false notion that ‘thick girls aren’t healthy’ or that we simply ‘don’t excercise’. On her Instagram she posts daily exercise tutorials showing the world that big girls can do whatever thin girls can.

4. About That Curvy Life (@aboutthatcurvylife)

About that curvy life postsAbout that curvy life posts Teni Entertainer

Their instagram bio says that their ‘Africa’s no. 1 online destination for body positive, size inclusive and empowering content’ and that’s exactly the truth. Growing up in the era of stick thin models being plastered across magazines and the internet, this Instagram page brings a breath of fresh air, featuring beautiful big women.

5. Candice Kelly (@candicekellyxo)

Candice Kelly shows of curvy fig

Candice Kelly bares tummy in a

Whoever said thick women can’t be sexy definitely hasn’t seen Candice’s Instagram page. Candice has proven over and over again with her Instagram that sexy isn’t limited to a size 6 figure.

Thank you for reading! 💕

Who are some of your favorite plus-sized celebrities or influencers? Drop a comment, let’s discuss!

11 thoughts on “Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes: My Favorite Instagram Thick Girls To Follow

  1. I particularly like the part about Tabria Majors. Be thick and exercise please. Cause just like the misinterpretation of the word ‘feminist’, some thick girls might think appreciating their thickness and not exercising to stay healthy is all part of self love. Obesity comes with a lot of health problems. Be thick and healthy. 💕

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