Deep Conditioning for Natural Hair: Everything I Learned From My First Time

Hi guyss, welcome to my channel, oops! This isn’t YouTube, I mean, welcome to my blog. Today we’re going to be talking about deep conditioning.

On my natural hair journey, I have struggled a lot with upkeep. One of the areas that has given me the most grief is deep conditioning. If you google ‘how to take care of natural hair’, you can bet good money you’d find at least 4 articles on the first page listing deep conditioning regularly as a must.

Everyone I know that has natural hair swears by it but its all been a bit confusing for me, and if you’re a natural hair newbie like me, it probably is for you too.

So, what exactly is deep conditioning?

deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is basically applying a conditioner (thicker than the usual conditioner) to your hair. This special kind of conditioner penetrates and moisturizes your hair, leaving it shinier, healthier and softer. Many studies have also shown that deep conditioning promotes hair growth. For deep conditioning, you can either DIY (do it yourself) or get a store-bought one.

My deep conditioning DIY mistake.

Being the experimenting, organic-care enthusiast that I am you can obviously guess which of the above deep conditioning options appealed to me. All my natural hair friends were either doing an avocado deep conditioner or banana deep conditioner, so I decided to give both a try.

Banana deep conditioning fail

I gathered all my ingredients, bananas, coconut oil, honey, and an egg and, mixed them together enthusiastically. Finally, it was time to apply the concoction to my hair and it went on well! As I applied it I could already feel my hair getting softer and I was excited. Then it was time to wash it all off. And it wasn’t coming off 😭. Those tiny seeds in the banana stuck to my hair and formed little clumps.

banana deep conditioner
I don’t even know why I’m smiling. This was such a fail 😭. I made the conditioner too thick

It actually wasn’t funny guys. My hair was like that for like 2 weeks. I was so annoyed I would’ve given up on deep conditioning right there and then but I decided to give it another try which led me to my Avocado deep conditioning fail.

Avocado deep conditioning fail

All I can say about the banana deep conditioner was that ‘mistakes were made’ and I was ready to try again so, I decided to give avocados a shot. Now, being a Nigerian girl who has been eating amala and efo (my favorite food btw) all her life I don’t really know much about avocados. This means that I didn’t really know the difference between a ripe or unripe avocado. This set the grounds for my second deep conditioning fail.

mistakes were made dean winchester

So naive me went and bought two unripe avocados and didn’t realize it until I was cutting it – mistake number 1. I now began googling ‘how to ripen an avocado‘ and like a mumu did everything the net told me to do. Of course, in the end, none of it worked. But the avocados were already open and I didn’t want to waste them so I decided to use them like that – mistake number 2 😭. Olodo ni mi sha.

Long story short it was a repeat of the banana fail and there were pieces of avocado stuck in my hair

crying gif avocado deep conditioner

This gif explains my pain exactly. lol. Anyways, on to the next.

Deep Conditioning Lessons Learned

After a few more epic failures I finally got the hang of it and I am proud to say that my hair is healthy and beautiful. Here are some of the things I later realized were very important when you’re DIY-ing your deep conditioner.

  • First, it is important that you blend your conditioner to the finest, most buttery, soft paste possible. The smoother the paste the easier it would be to wash off – hence no clumps or lumps would be in your hair
  • Secondly, I think adding water is very important. Out of all the deep conditioning recipes I’ve seen, I’ve never seen any that states water as an ingredient. What I realized eventually from my many failures was that at times the mixture was too thick. This made it very difficult to wash off, especially after it had dried up a bit. When I added water to my later batches it just made it a lot more easier.

avocado deep conditioner

  • Third, Make sure everything you’re using is perfectly ripe! Honestly, the riper it is the softer it’ll be and that means less work blending. It doesn’t matter if they’re bananas or avocados.
  • Fourth, if you’re gonna use bananas you need to find a way the get the seeds out. Those sneaky little suckers will tangle up your hair 😭. I have honestly tried and I don’t know how people do this banana thing but I’m team avocado for sure!
cardi b excited
Me when I finally figured out how to deep condition my hair

Deep conditioning is actually amazing for your hair and once you figure it out your hair will thank you.

I hope this post was helpful. Live your best natural hair life kings and queens 💛.

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