Coldstone Freak Shake: Hit or Miss?

Guess what? My ijekuje partner is back in town!


Even though I carried on the ijekuje lifestyle when he was gone, I still missed sharing it with someone.


Anyways, so we originally planned to go to Pizza Hut so I can do a review but, Lagos traffic had other plans and we eventually found ourselves at Coldstone. We were eager to try the Freak Shakes out so it wasn’t that bad of a consolation prize.

Before I get into the review let me show you guys the promotional pictures.


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I had Chocolate explosion, while Jimi had the Hennesy Lovers Freak Shake.

Here is a side by side of what we ordered vs what we got.

Hennesy Lovers
Chocolate Explosion



Needless to say, it was NOT what they put in the promotional pictures that we got, but were we surprised? No.

Even though the milkshake wasn’t as big as it was in the pictures it was still pretty big, which made me scared to eat it. Jimi didn’t complain though 🙄.

My first milkshake was broken at the bottom and started leaking, so they gave me another one, which had 2 brownies on top this time (even scarier).


The shakes tasted pretty much like every milkshake but with an icecream and brownie twist on top.

To be very honest, it was actually a lot of sugar to consume all at once and the both of us had minor tummy aches after. lol. These shakes are not for the weak, my friends. I feel like people with extreme sugar tooths would really enjoy them though.

Each Freak Shake flavor cost ₦2900, which compared to their normal ice cream prices wasn’t that extravagant, but was it worth it?

We both felt it was adequate but agreed we would have preferred to spend the money on actual food  instead.

All in all it was a fun food to experience. I have never eaten something so big. I guess I can finally check off ‘Coldstone Freak Shake’ from my Detty December list of foods. 😁

Till next time

Selena Gomez Peace

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