A Review of Lionheart -As Written by Morayo

Hey guyss! Today’s movie review is brought to you by my favorite hype woman and friend Morayo.

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Right from when Lion Heart started getting some buzz I knew it deserved a review but, to be honest I’m not much of a Nollywood stan so I decided to hand the reins over to someone with more passion for Nollywood movies than me.

So without further ado, here’s Morayo’s review of Lion Heart. Enjoy xx

LionheartLionheart review

First of all when I heard Netflix was buying the rights to the movie, I was sooooo excited. I’m a Genevieve stan and I also like seeing black women prosper. And the fact it was going to be on Netflix meant that I could watch it.
I get especially pained when they release movies in Nigeria and they forget the diaspora in South Africa (She lives in SA)… but I digress.
So I waited till midnight on the 4th for them to release it but, it turns out we had to wait for abroad time.
Firstly, let me just start by saying it was so nice to see a movie that wasn’t set in Lagos.
It was a breath of fresh air. It was also lovely to see a part of the South East of Nigeria that wasn’t all “village vibes”.
Enugu is stunning, so is Kano.
Thankfully, in this movie nobody was going to Lagos to find greener pastures
Lionheart nollywood
Now let’s talk about the cast. What an ensemble. Everybody did their bit. It wasn’t too much, it was perfect.
You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen and all that. Well, Lionheart’s cast was a buffet. And I was loving everything
For once, the family dynamic was lovely. Such healthy relationships. Family was represented in such a good light and it made me so happy. The father/daughter relationship between Odogwu and Ada was adorable.
Lionheart genevieve nnaji nollywood
As for the storyline, it tied up so nicely. Everything was so purposeful. Which is rare in Nollywood movies.
Guys the proverbs, both in English and Igbo were everything.Lion heart Netflix
Nkem Owoh was effortlessly funny. Easily the star of Lionheart.
I love that this is the content that Nollywood is putting on a global stage.
The representation of the Igbo culture was beautiful. From the language, to food, location, music, casting. I mean Genevieve, ugh her mind….img_6588
Here’s a list of what I liked and didn’t like about the movie.

What I liked about Lionheart

1. Their close knit family
2. That it was in a place other than Lagos. It’s high time we start seeing the other 35 states, you know?
3. Everything Chief Godswill did.
4. Genevieve Nnaji

What I did not like about Lionheart.

1. The choice for Arinze

All in all, I rate the movie 4/5 and I think it’s definitely worth the watch.


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