My Skate City Experience At Maryland Mall

A1306BD6-EA10-4708-A609-5581ED661417Before yesterday, if anyone told me there was anything else to do in Lagos besides going to cinemas, restaurants or clubs I would strongly disagree.

My siblings and I went out initially to Maryland Mall to watch Aquaman but it was sold out by the time we got there so we went to Skate City instead.

Skate City turned out to be really fun and I kind of regret not going there before now. Every time I was in Maryland Mall and someone would suggest going there I would insist we shouldn’t. I guess I just underrated it. It definitely taught me a lesson not to judge a book by its cover.

Anyways without further ado, let’s talk about my experience.


We walked in, payed and were given pairs of black socks, helmets and our size in skates.


Putting our skates on

Our skates were on and now it was time to actually skate. We were all looking at each other like this to see who was going to get up first and embarrass themselves.


Before I go into what the rest of the day went like, first you need to know that my siblings and I had no skating experience whatsoever so it was all new to us.

When we got there we were scared as hell that we were going to fall on our asses but, we went through with it anyway and guess what? We fell on our asses.

Exhibit A

Throughout our 45 minutes there, there was a lot of falling and staggering.

Exhibit B (I don’t know how she survived that without falling. Must be witchcraft)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You would think that with the amount of times that we fell we would’ve absolutely hated it but it was actually the opposite. Every time one of us fell we burst into laughter and that was exactly what made it fun.

But Skate City wasn’t all falling butts and cackles, we learned some actual skating skills. There was a skate instructor on ground who was there to guide us and pick us up everytime we fell.

At the end my siblings and I agreed that it would be worth going there again. The experience definitely piqued our interest about skating and we all thought it would be cool to learn.

If you’re looking for an unorthodox place to have fun and laugh with people, Skate City is definitely a good option. It’s also relatively affordable at 2k for 45 mins. I rate it a 4/5.

The only thing that bothered me was them not having knee and elbow pads. Those floors are hard. If you have fragile bones it’s not for you.

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