Adventurous in Abeokuta: A Guide to Fun

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This week my siblings and I visited Ogun state’s capital city —Abeokuta, and it was an adventure to say the least!Olumo rock Abeokuta

We’ve been going to Abeokuta for years but whenever we would visit, we’d stay indoors and watch TV. This time, we decided to go full tourist mode and explore the legendary Egba land in all of it’s beauty. So we started where most tourists would. Yup, you guessed it—Olumo Rock

Rock Climbing on Olumo Rock


Our day started with an amazing visit to Olumo Rock, which is legendary for saving the people of Egba Land from war several years ago.

There were so many things to see. From the Egba people built under the rock, to the shrines and priestesses who were still till date.

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Egba War Time Hideout

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Caught mid laughter

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Posing under the rock where many of the Egba people lived till the war was over

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One of Olumo’s many shrines. Many people believe the Olumo has mystical powers. This is where they bring their offerings after Olumo answers their prayers.
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The several meanings of the word ‘ogun’ in Yoruba
Adventurous in Abeokuta
Big 3 💪🏽

This was our second time visiting Olumo rock and it was just as fun the second time as it was the first time.

To The Zoo!66e89793-e09f-4ce2-8acf-b8bb69b6742f

If you google ‘places to go in Abeokuta’ you’d probably see Green Legacy Resort on at least five of those lists. The Green Legacy Resort has it’s own Wildlife Zoo, Cinema, Library and so much more. We visited both the Zoo and Cinema but didn’t have enough time to visit the Library(which we hear is huge, just like every other part of the resort).

Here’s our time in pictures

OOPl Wildlife Park Adventurous in Abeokuta
Hanging with Hyenas


                  Sun basking ☀️



My little sister was too scared to get close to the lion 😂
OOPL Wildlife Park Tourist Guide

Adventurous in Abeokuta A Tourist Guide


Photography in Wild

Abeokuta is filled with natural rocks and trees enough to make you feel like you’re in the jungle. Of course we took advantage of the beautiful scenery and whipped out our camera every chance we got. Here are some of the pics we took

Family olumo rock adventurous in Abeokuta
Alexa, play Melanin by Sauti Sol ft Patoranking
We took these pictures at the very top of Olumo


Needless to say, Abeokuta was an adventure and I can’t wait to go back.

Places and Prices

OOPL Wildlife Park fee costs 500 naira. If you’re interested in riding a horse it costs 300 naira.

Gate fee at Olumo rock ranges from 700 naira to 500 naira depending on whether you’re a child or an adult.

Thanks for reading. Till next time

Selena Gomez Peace

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  1. Yinka. You left me in Lagos and went all the way to Abeokuta, bringing only pictures for me to salivate on. God is seeing you.

    Lovely post, by the way. I’ll leave you for Dubai very soon.

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