Pizza Hut Review: Nigeria

Hello beloved! I’m happy to have you here. Let’s get straight into the review, shall we?Pizza Hut Nigeria Lagos Ikoyi

Trivia: What do Pizza Hut, Debonairs and Domino’s have in common(apart from pizza)?

They’re all foreign companies!

And Pizza Hut is the latest of the bunch to make it’s way to Lagos, Nigeria. The company launched in December with outlets in Ikoyi, Ikeja and Lekki.

Pizza Hut Nigeria Nigeria Lagos Ikoyi

Now, to answer the question I’m sure is burning through your mind—“how does it taste?”.

pizza hut nigeria lagos pizza box
The pizza box

Obviously we couldn’t taste every flavor, so I did the next best thing. Luckily just like Domino’s, Pizza Hut allows you to get half and half of two different flavors, so I got Pepperoni and Barbecue Meat Lovers.

Pizza Hut Review Nigeria Lagos Pepperoni Barbecue Meat Lovers
Half n’ Half Pepperoni/Barbecue Meat

The pizza was so cheesy it was dragging and dripping everywhere. The Toppings were also really generous. I don’t know if you can see but its a really thick pizza. Kinda reminded me of Domino’s Pan Pizza which is just as cheesy and thick.

My Ikekuje partner glued to the TV watching football. Smh

Usually my boyfriend and I can finish one whole Pizza but we struggled with this one. It was a lot of food. Apart from the thickness and cheesiness of the Pizza, I found the Barbecue flavor to be really salty but the Pepperoni flavor tasted good.

Compared to Domino’s and Debonairs Prices, they were pretty average. The Pizza we bought cost ₦3700.

Things I liked;

– the wait time for the pizza wasn’t long, which was awesome because we were in a hurry

– the decor was beautiful. Kudos to whoever designed and decorated the Ikoyi space.2C54BB29-4511-4894-AE8F-04889714060F

It’s the stuff Instagram pictures are made of. Exhibit A;



Things I didn’t like;

– The saltiness of the Pizza. The Barbecue pizza had too much salt and we ended up not finishing it.

– This is just me but I don’t like a lot of cheese on pizza. Pizza Hut’s was so much, me and Jimi joked about our arteries being clogged. Lol.

I asked a couple people on Twitter which Pizza place they thought was the best in Lagos and here’s how they voted;

Even though Pizza Hut only got 18% percent of the vote, I wouldn’t write them off just yet.

Domino’s really sucked when they first came to Nigeria, but over time they’ve grown to be my favorite. Who knows maybe Pizza Hut might rise to occasion 💁🏽‍♀️.

Thinking of visiting Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut Nigeria Address

156 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi 101233, Lagos.

Pizza Hut Nigeria Phone Number


Thanks for reading! Until next time.

Selena Gomez Peace

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12 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Review: Nigeria

  1. Dominoes is actually terrible. They make pizza that tastes like bread and peppery stew
    If they do it on purpose to cater to their Yoruba clients is what I don’t know


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