The Misappropriation of the Word Feminist

In Honor Of Women’s Day, I’m reblogging this post.
I think it’s important for people to know that being a feminist isn’t a negative thing and it should be something we’re proud of.

Here’s to Women Empowerment 🥂

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Misappropriation of the word feminism

What is feminism? Somehow, within the thousands of tweets, posts and uploads, feminism has gotten lost in translation.

I met this guy once who approached me and asked me to pay for his food. When I told him I didn’t have any money, he looked at me and asked “are you a feminist?” Somehow insinuating that if I were a feminist, I shouldn’t see a problem with giving him the money. Any other day I would have walked away and ignored him but that day I had his time (kinda like right now).

For the sake of this write-up let’s call this young man ‘Kayode’.

First, I asked Kayode what he thought feminism was. He replied ‘a group of women that think they’re better than men’.  His definition couldn’t be more wrong. You see much like Kayode, many people in this great nation, hell even in this world, don’t even…

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6 thoughts on “The Misappropriation of the Word Feminist

  1. I do get your point but I’m a firm believer of equity over equality…no two humans can be equal, something will always separate one from the other. Why not we strive for equity which is giving each other what is due to one, fairness in all our doing

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