My 4D Experience at Ikeja City Mall: Worth it? Or Not?

4D Movie Experience ICM Ikeja City Mall. Captain Marvel ReviewToday I went to Ikeja City Mall and I had my first 4D Experience. I had a long day and I decided to see the new Captain Marvel movie to pamper myself. I had heard so many good things about it that I decided that seeing it in 2D wasn’t good enough. So I went to see it in 4D 😁.CFC0F727-2A6F-45EB-A403-E7256B3D2BFC

I have seen movies in 4D before, but those were like the 10min ones you pay 500 naira for outside the mall. Anyways, this particular one however was obviously different. Right from the moment I stepped into the cinema hall there was an air of class and prestige to it.  LOL. I might be exaggerating but, I could literally smell the money that was spent on it.

4D movie Ikeja

The chairs moved and vibrated at every single fight scene, which because it was a Marvel movie was a lot. For like the first 30 minutes my popcorn and drink spilled every time someone decided to punch someone.093A3202-3D00-45D8-B8EE-C93E383EFD6B

Not to mention every time someone decided to fly a spaceship or literally decided to FLY, huge waves of air were rushed into our face by the fans that were on top of the ceilings.


It did take some getting used to but I enjoyed it in the end. I definitely would not recommend for people who get motion sick easily.

As for the actual movie I liked it but, it was definitely not my favorite Marvel movie even with all the added jara and theatrics of the Cinema. The storyline was very predictable.

The only other person in the cinema with me was kind enough to take this picture.

The most interesting scenes of the whole movie were the ones where they showed how Captain Marvel got her powers and the post credit scene at the end where she showed up looking for Nick Fury.

The post credit scene only made me want to watch Avengers Endgame even more. Who knows maybe I’ll see that in 4D too.

The only thing that bothered me about the 4D experience was that we were not given actual 4D glasses. It just didn’t seem complete.

Anyways, the 4D movie at Ikeja City Mall costs 4000 naira. And comes with a large pack of popcorn and any drink of your choice.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it 💛.

Till next time.

Selena Gomez Peace

Dr Strange is still my favorite Marvel movie and Thor of Ragnorok is a close second.

What Marvel movies are your favorite?

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12 thoughts on “My 4D Experience at Ikeja City Mall: Worth it? Or Not?

  1. I am a marvel /DC comics fanatic, I love animes, that’s how my love for the franchise grew, I remember drawing up most of the characters with the boys who thought they could draw then in my school, they hated seeing me win everytime, P.S Thor Ragnarok is one of my faves too, thank you for this review. I have actually never had 4D experience because everything in Abuja is just extra, but when I do I will definitely remember your tips, Thanks for sharing

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    1. Eyy. Thank you for reading and commenting 💛💛. Thor Ragnarok is really just the best. I’m not sure but I think this might be the first proper 4D cinema in Lagos actually. Hopefully it will come to Abuja soon. Just remember to secure your popcorn and drink and when it does 😂

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