Purple Bistro Lagos: Review

Purple Bistro opened in a social media frenzy. Twitter buzzed with pictures and videos of the new restaurant and it immediately stirred up excitement in me.

The restaurant opened in Unilag and it just so happened, a day after it’s opening I was in school getting some things sorted so naturally  I decided to have some food.

Purple Bistro 1


My friend Amaka and I walked down to amphitheater right by Affordables and entered the restaurant.

Photo credit: Twitter/Purple Bistro

My first thoughts about Purple Bistro were a mixture of “wow I like the mural on the walls” and “wow, this place is much smaller in person.”

Amaka and I weren’t that worried about the size at first but then the absolute worst happened 😩.682B5B6A-03DC-43DA-ABFD-4D6CE80B1D53

The lights went off and they weren’t able to put on the generator. And what seemed like a manageable space at first quickly became very hot and stuffy.

Any other day we would’ve left but we were eager to try the food that we had seen on Twitter so we waited it out. And honestly the wait was long.

Waiting for food
Waiting for food

Though we never got an explanation as to why the food took so long here are my two theories;

1: the ‘waitress’ was overwhelmed. For such a small place a lot of people were trooping in by the minute to give their orders and I truthfully sympathized with her.

2: the food preparation was somehow linked to the generator so we didn’t get any food till the gen came on.

The lights finally came on !

Amaka ordered a Chicken & Sausage Shawarma which cost 900 and a Chapman for 500. I initially ordered Grilled Chicken laps which they said they didn’t have so I also ordered Shawarma but with a Chocolate milkshake instead which was 1k.

Purple Bistro Lagos Review


I’m not a Shawarma person but I have to say, the Shawarma was delicious. Like really really good. The milkshake was okay but all in all, it tasted good.


I know you’re probably wondering “if you and your friend ordered Shawarma then who owns the food in the featured image?”

Well, a really huge thing for me in writing this review was making sure that what we saw on Twitter was not just ‘packaging’ but was truly what was served at the bistro. And I’m happy to say that they did not disappoint.

Purple Bistro Lagos fo
A girl kindly let me take this pretty picture of her food to show you guys. Oh and she said it tasted good!

To summarize here are all the things I liked and didn’t like about Purple Bistro

What I Liked

– I liked loved the Shawarma. I would go there again just for it.

– I liked the prices. Purple Bistro definitely knows their target customers well. For food as quality as what they serve, the price range is definitely a steal.

Here’s a sample of their menu;

Purple Bistro Lagos Menu

Click here for more

– I liked the aesthetic feel. It felt young and fresh, which again prooves they know their target customers well.

– I liked the backgrounds. In the social media age, it’s definitely important that your restaurant has at least one good selfie spot and Purple Bistro definitely had a lotPurple Bistro Lagos


What I Didn’t Like

– I didn’t like service. Like I said earlier, the waitress was completely overwhelmed and I sympathized.

– I didn’t like how hot it was.

– I didn’t like the wait time. Waiting a long time for food at a restaurant is one of my biggest pet  peeves.

Everything I noted that I didn’t like about Purple Bistro I really didn’t take to heart because like I said I was there on the second day of their opening and truthfully it takes a while to get a hang of things when you’re running a business.

Oh and you guys, the cutest thing happened!

Just as Amaka and I were leaving the Bistro, someone in a car called after us. We were both confused, but then a guy in a tshirt that said ‘Chef Derin’ came out of the car and apologized for everything.

After much stalking on social media (don’t judge me 😭) I found out he was the owner of Purple Bistro. That, I thought was truly awesome. I mean he had no idea who we were, and certainly had no idea that I was going to write a review.

I really respect business owners that care about what their customers think. So here’s to Chef Derin. I hope your business only gets better.


And here’s to you guys too, my amazing readers. You guys truly are the best. We go blooooowww. We go buy benzzzzz


So would I go there again?

Absolutely. Like I said before the Shawarma was delicious. I just might have it to go instead.All in all if I were to rate them I’d give them 3 out of 5 stars.

Thank you for reading. Till next time 💛

Selena Gomez Peace

16 thoughts on “Purple Bistro Lagos: Review

  1. I really love how sincere your review is, how you stated the facts without being bitter despite your experiences and my favourite part is the minions meme I love it, tells me you are a fun loving person with good humor. Well done girl.

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  2. I think the reason for the crowd nd stuffiness was because it was new and Nigerians are good at rushing to a new opening so hopefully in subsequent times it won’t be this bad. I’m not a SHARWAMA person but you already make me feel like having some. Kudos girl, nice review

    Liked by 2 people

  3. It’s good that he apologized. Arrogant business people irritate me. 🙎 Like I’m paying for this service, 💁 and you’re treating me as though you’re doing me a favour. 🙄 Good review. I’ll definitely add it to the list of places to visit when I get back. And I must say, that list is getting long!😪 Thanks to you. 😒

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely post!! Please one these days put me in your handbag when going out.😚
    Btw, I mentioned you in my recent post, where I have nominated you for Mystery Blogger award. You do deserve that . Please check up my recent post for details 💓

    Liked by 2 people

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