The Awkward Adulting Stage Post Uni

Graduating from Uni has been one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. After surviving 4 years of Unilag, I felt like if I could survive anything.

However, my perspective on that began to shift when I was unceremoniously introduced to a little thing called “adulting

What is Adulting Anyway?

To the unsuspecting eye, adulting seems like a ticket to freedom and a free pass to live the life of your dreams that comes with special privileges like driving, drinking alcohol and staying out all night.

For the longest time I clung on to this idea but after spending the last 11 months out of school I’m beginning to realize I was wrong.

Here are the four things I find most annoying about adulting.

Bills, bills, bills

pay my bills adultingGranted, I don’t have a lot of those right now, seeing as I’m still living in my father’s house but, it has been hard nonetheless.

Having to pay for things as ordinary as data, or even my Apple Music subscription without a monthly allowance has been nothing but frustrating. I can’t imagine how much harder it would get when I move out, get a car etc.

Looking for a job

frank donga unemploymentThe switch-up between ‘fresh graduate’ to ‘unemployed’ hits you real quick. After spending a couple months at home without your usual student allowance you’ll have no choice but to go job hunting.

The amount of jobs I’ve applied for in this 11 month period might have hit a new world record but still, local man remains unemployed. It is well.

Personally, I just want a job that will be paying me 500k but I’ll only be working twice a week but also, I’ll be working from my house. Sho get? Or am I asking for too much?

Being Brokebeing broke adulting

As per my last point, finding a job has been tedious and my savings have been suffering for it.

Whenever someone proposes we should ‘go out’ I’ve had to learn to politely decline. The end result? I haven’t been to the movies in almost 4 months. Whew child, the ghetto.

Even when I get a little money and I’m excited, I have to calm down, reevaluate and send some of the money to my PiggyVest or CowryWise accounts all just to make sure mans doesn’t starve for the following weeks.

Constant pressure to get your shit together

adulting pressure

Even though I’m just 21 I already feel like I’m failing and being unemployed for almost a year hasn’t seemed to help.

The toll, the pressure to succeed takes on your mental health isn’t funny and once you begin ‘adulting’ it just keeps getting worse.

Realistically I know that there’s still a lot of time for me to succeed and live the life of my dreams  but my paranoia hasn’t gotten the memo.


All in all, this whole Adulting/Independence concept is a scam.

i want my mom gif

“Yinka, you know you’re a big girl now. You can go by yourself.” “You can do it yourself” etc. Who told all these people I’m a big girl sef? Shior.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

Selena Gomez Peace

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8 thoughts on “The Awkward Adulting Stage Post Uni

  1. I found this post very interesting plus Frank Donga’s picture is hilarious and it suits “looking for a job” well. Afterall, that’s what he does in most of his skits.
    If there’s anything I took away from this is the savings, I opened a PiggyVest account earlier this year and tho I’ve been charged penalty fees like twice for early withdrawals but it’s a good way to keep money.
    The realisation that you have bills piling up must be frightening for anyone but I know God got us, everything must work out eventually, they have to.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This adulting thing hits you real hard.
    You can’t really be told what to expect cause you need to feel it to understand it.
    This is only a phase, so hang in there darling ! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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