5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money


5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money (1)

Everybody knows that money is much easier to spend than it is to make. The hardest thing about saving money for me has always been keeping myself disciplined and accountable.

Slowly but surely, these 5 apps I’m about to list out have helped my finances tremendously!

Whether you want to save more or keep better track of your expenses there’s an app here for you.

Save More


piggyvest saving app

PiggyVest was the very first money saving app I discovered. I opened my account in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. Granted, I haven’t always been the perfect saver, but over the last 2 years I’ve gotten better and so has PiggyVest.

Here’s a brief summary of some of it’s key features

piggyvest savings and investment

  • Piggybank: Piggybank is a savings account that gives 10% interest on your total savings annually. The good thing about Piggybank is that it makes you disciplined with your savings.

This PiggyVest feature gives you 4 days in a year where you’re allowed to withdraw without charges called Withdrawal Days. If you withdraw on a day that’s not a Withdrawal Day you will be charged 5% of the total amount withdrawn.

  • SafeLock: SafeLock works like a fixed deposit account. It allows you to lock funds for at least 10 days without having any access to it until maturity.

This is my personal favorite because it gives me better control on how I spend money. You also get 13% interest upfront.

  • PiggyFlex: Unlike the other features on PiggyVest, PiggyFlex is an unrestricted account you can withdraw from anytime. Interests, matured funds from SafeLock and goals reached on Target are paid directly into this account.

When you sign up for PiggyVest they give you a Providus bank account number and you can fund your PiggyFlex account directly with it.

  • Investify: Investify is their latest feature. You can invest in a field or business of your choice with as little as ₦3000 and get from as little as 13% interest to 24%.

Click Here to Start Saving today with PiggyVest! 

CowryWise App


I opened my CowryWise account back in March based on the multiple testimonials I saw on Twitter and so far it’s been great. To help you save smarter, CowryWise has 5 different plans tailored to your specific saving needs.


  • Periodic plan: With this plan you can set up your savings to be directly withdrawn from your account daily, weekly or monthly for at least 3 months.
  • Fixed investment: This plan is perfect for you if you want to keep a particular amount of month stashed away.
  • Life goals: This plan is designed to help you reach your long term financial goals. They are similar to periodic but have a minimum  maturity of one year.
  • Save as you earn: This is the preferred plan for people with irregular incomes. You can top your savings manually.
  • Interest free/Halal Savings: This is perfect for Muslim savers who don’t want to earn interest on their savings. They can be set up as periodic plan, life goals, save as you earn and more, and won’t attract any interests.

You also get ₦250 when you open a CowryWise account today!

ALAT Wema App


ALAT is an online banking app by Wema bank. When the app came out I was eager to try it and it did not disappoint. It makes saving so easy for me and gives me The online banking app gives you three options to help you save better.

alat by wema saving money loan

  • Flexi Goal: With this feature you can save daily, weekly or monthly and earn a 10% interest but your Flexi goal has to last for at least a month. You can withdraw up to 50% of your savings every month.
  • Fixed Goal: Like Flexi Goal you can save daily, weekly or monthly but you’re not allowed to withdraw until the withdrawal date.
  • Stash  daily interest: With this feature you save whatever you want whenever and earn 10% interest.

ALAT also loans out money periodically depending on the amount of money in your savings.

Sign up for ALAT today! Use my referral code: ELLP1A


Track Your Expenses

Reach App

reach nigeria app expense tracking money managing

To help you track your expenses, Reach tracks your bank sms automatically, doing all the heavy lifting you so theres no need for complicated excel sheets. You can also manually enter your expenses if you don’t receive SMS transaction alerts from you bank.

I’ve never had the chance of using Reach seeing as it is only available on Google Play (which is very annoying by the way) .

Click here to download Reach

Spendee App

spendee app saving money

For iPhone users, Spendee is a great alternative to Reach. Much like Reach, Spendee is designed to help you track your expenses automatically from sms. However, since it was originally designed for America, the app isn’t able to track your expenses automatically.

But you can manually input information to keep better track your expenses and income.

Click here to download Spendee

This post was inspired by Lade Tawak’s article on Managing Money and the replies from Teju Adeyinka’s tweet.

Thanks for reading! Until next time

Selena Gomez Peace


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