Mexican Food in Lagos! — Bottles Restaurant Review

What’s up guys! Since this is my first post of the year I thought we’d kick it off with something spicy —Mexican food!

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Mexican food has been at the top of my foods to try list for a while. So it was only fitting that I visited Bottles – TEX-MEX BAR & GRILL, a popular mexican restaurant in Victoria Island. Mind you, this was pre-corona so don’t come for me in the comments, thank you.

bottles mexican restaurant lagos

I included Bottles in my list of places to go on a budget, check it out! –> The Perfect Date—But On a Budget

The Space

When I walked into Bottles I completely fell in love with the vibe of the restaurant. From the Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) inspired decor to the bright and colorful tables in the restaurant it really felt like I had been transported to Mexico.

  • bottles mexican restaurant lagos
  • bottles mexican restaurant lagos
  • bottles mexican restaurant lagos
  • bottles mexican restaurant lagos

It felt like a scene from Coco (one of my favorite animations)

coco mexico

The Food

To start we had Chips and Salsa which were delicious and on the house! Thank you Bottles!

chips and salsa. bottles restaurant lagos

When it came time to order I got Quesadillas and it came with a side of fries. It tasted good but, I didn’t realize there was so much cheese, which wasn’t my favorite. However the chips were delicious! They were the perfect blend of crispy and salty.

My favourite part about going to restaurants with someone is being able to get a bite of what the other person ordered!. Which was why when my boyfriend’s Fajitas came on a steaming plate I got excited! The Fajitas were like a ‘build your own shawarma’ kind of thing and I really liked that.

We both paired our meals with a Mexicano cocktail which was a delicious mix of Tequila and pineapple and orange juice.


Quesadilla (Chicken)- N6350

Fajitas (Beef) – N5500

Mexicano – N3100



Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall I really enjoyed myself at Bottles. The food was good, the customer service was great and that Mexicano was hitting all the right spots! LOL. I would definitely go there again.

If you would like to order some of their food they’re open and do deliveries! You can Send them a direct message on Instagram;

Before you go, let me leave you some wise words that were hung in the Restaurant

bottles mexican restaurant lagos

Thank you for reading. Till next time 

Selena Gomez Peace

8 thoughts on “Mexican Food in Lagos! — Bottles Restaurant Review

  1. okay so this place is aesthetically pleasing and i would definitely want to hang out there with someone not just because i want someone to take sexy pictures of me but someone to help me get home safe cause i’d like to try to cocktail and my threshold for alcohol is crazy low! hehe, anyways, maybe i’d try the fajitas as well and err, maybe see if i can cop a mexican sugar daddy? ayye, i really do have weird plans post covid.. plis pray for me..

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