5 Badass Women You Need to Follow on Social Media Now

When it comes to Social media I’m very picky about the people I follow and you should be too. I have a strict rule, if it doesn’t feed me (metaphorically speaking of course), make me smile or uplift my mood I unfollow. It’s important that we curate our social timelines to reflect things or people that make us feel good.

My favorite type of people to follow are badass women. Something about watching women be proud of their bodies, speak out on social injustice and drag the patriarchy just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here are my top 5 favorite women on social media you need to follow right now.

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil is a British-Pakistani actress who calls herself a ‘Feminist-in-progress’ and its my favorite thing ever. If you’re a fan of The Good Place like I am, you probably know her as Tahani Al-Jamil. On her social media platforms she’s vocal about body positivity and never shies away from calling out celebrities from promoting quick-fix weight loss products that Jameela calls a “terrible and toxic influence on young girls.”

Because of Jameela’s vocalness, Instagram tightened up its rules around influencers promoting weight-loss products and cosmetic surgery. Instagram now restricts posts promoting such products so under-18s can’t see them, and remove any posts that promises a “miracle” solution for weight-loss.

You can follow her at;

Instagram: @jameelajamilofficial

Twitter: jameelajamil

Jackie Aina

jackie aina badass woman

Aunty Jackie is my all time fave. It doesn’t get better than Jackie Aina. I love her so much I literally have my IG notifications on for every time she posts (don’t judge me. lol). Not only is she entertaining to watch, she also isn’t afraid to use her platform to talk about racial issues in and out of the beauty community. Last year she very publicly dragged Fashion Nova for not being inclusive enough in their representation in a video that has gotten over 1 million views.

More recently she called out Pretty Little Thing, Revolve and Fashion Nova (again) for actively profiting off of black culture but yet staying silent when it comes to talking about the issues in the black community e.g George Floyd’s tragic death

If that isn’t a bad ass woman, I don’t know what is. You can follow her at:

Instagram: @jackieaina

Twitter: @jackieaina

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is undoubtedly the most popular plus sized model in the world. With over 12 million followers, her Instagram is a reflection of body positivity and love and I’m here for it. Recently she had a baby and has been very open about her journey, stretchmarks, belly rolls and all.

Being a plus sized woman myself I love seeing this type of representation on my timeline and I think its important for people to see that its okay to embrace your ‘imperfections’.

Twitter; @ashleygraham

Instagram; @ashleygraham

Chrissy Teigen

One thing I love about Chrissy Teigen is how uncensored she is. She’s a woman that’s not afraid to ‘go there’ when it comes to stating her opinion so much so, she even got blocked by Donald Trump. She is truly a breath of fresh air

Recently she lost her child and has taken a to social media to share her ups and downs. Chrissy is part of a generation women speaking out about the issues that society has taught women to be ashamed about and that is one of the reasons I admire her so much.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

Twitter: @chrissyteigen

Jola Ayeye

Jola or Jollz as she likes to be called is one of Nigerian Twitter’s leading voices in feminism. Together with one of her best friends FK Abudu (our president), she hosts a podcast called I Said What I Said where they talk about their life experiences and interview some amazing people.

Jollz alongside the founding members of Feminist Co did amazing things for our country during the END SARs protest last year. She’s a woman who isn’t afraid to use her voice when it matters and that’s why she’s made my list of 5 women you need to follow on social media now

Instagram: @jolaayeye

Twitter: @Jollz

What other women deserve to be on this list? Mention them below!

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